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Safavi H. R., Golmohammadi M. H., (2016) Evaluating The Water Resource Systems Performance Using Fuzzy Reliability, Resilience And Vulnerability. Iran-Water Resources Research, Vol. 12 (1), 68-83 (In Persian).


This study highlights the need to improve of water resources performance criteria such as reliability, resilience and vulnerability (RRV) estimation regarding common approaches; and proposes a new technique to obviate disadvantages of common (classic) approach. RRV are very useful criteria for evaluating performance of water resources system which are used in many researches in the last three decades. This study explains that common approaches of quantifying these estimators have unreliable performance in threshold values of desired values of parameters under investigation such as water supply. This weak point in previous approaches has been shown by an evident example, demonstrating this problem could change exact values of reliability, resilience and vulnerability to evaluate water resource system performance; also it lead to incredible sustainability index of a water system. This study has been developed an approach to improve these three performance criteria for water resource systems performance evaluation. These new criteria are based on previous formulas with improvements in their structures using the concept of membership functions in fuzzy theory. The Zayandehrud basin has been used as a case study to compare and assess the new and previous approaches. Comparison of the results of the new proposed approach with of the common approach to estimate performance criteria and their summaries by sustainability index shows the new approach is very effective and practical meanwhile eliminating disadvantages of common approach.


Water Resource System Performance Evaluation, Reliability, Resilience, Vulnerability, Sustainability Index, Fuzzy Technique.

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