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Kabiri Samani, A., R., Golmohammadi, M. H. (2016), Analytical Approach For Boundary Layer Control Around Elliptical Cylinders by Suction, AmirKabir Journal of Science & Research Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vol. 48, No. 1, (In Persian).


Control of boundary layer is a common problem in river engineering to reduce the scouring around bridge piers. There are different approaches for controlling the boundary layer such as: motion of the solid wall, accelerating flow by blowing and suction, elimination of flow separation using streamlined profiles and continuous suction. There is not any information about the solution of boundary layer equations coupled with continuous suction around elliptical sections. The present work is to study the laminar boundary layer developed by 2-D incompressible flow around circular and elliptical sections. The boundary layer equations and its control using continuous suction are surveyed analytically. Compariosion between the present results and those of other investigations indicates that the present analytical model is a good tool to predict the velocity profiles around an elliptical cylinder. The velocity and shear stress distribution, the boundary layer thickness, drag force and the friction coefficient distribution are determined and presented with and without control. The control procedure presented here could be applied for different speeds of flow suction.


Boundary layer control, Suction, Analytical modeling, Laminar, Elliptical section.

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